If you are using an active internet connection by Etisalat then you might be looking for some accurate speed testing tool to track the performance of your internet. With our Etisalat speed test tool, you will be able to check the real-time download and upload speed of your internet connection with 100% accuracy free of cost. There is no need for any paid subscription or even a sign up to use this speed test tool. As well all know that Etisalat has been one of the most popular and largest telecommunication corporations in the Middle East and Africa, that’s why the need of having a trustworthy tool for Etisalat users was also talk of the town from decades.

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The core reasons behind launching this speed testing tool for Etisalat users was to educate the new users so that they can track the performance of their subscription plan because many users often complaint about slow internet speed or browsing that’s why it’s very important to first accurately check the download and upload speed before taking any step. The slow internet speed is often due to some particular applications or websites that are running in your smartphone or desktop in the background, so doing a random speed test will surely help you to track down the problem.

Why You Should Try the Etisalat Speed Test?

Well, it would be utterly unfair if you pay a huge amount for your internet connection monthly from your hard-earned money, and in return, you only get half of the promised internet speed as per your subscription package. Here are some of the smart reasons that you should also know before using our online Etisalat speed test tool.

100% Safe & Secure Speed Test

It’s a highly secure platform that will keep all your personal information such as your internet speed, IP Address, and location private. We do not save any data on our servers so you don’t need to worry about anything while using our Etisalat speed test tool.

Compatible with Android and IOS

It’s a unique speed testing platform that is fully compatible with every device such as Android, IOS, and Desktop. You might have seen that many popular internet speed testing tools are only compatible with Desktop devices, they usually ask mobile users to download their IOS and Play Store Application. However; that’s not the case with our Etisalat internet speed test tool because you can conveniently check your internet speed from any device without any errors or warnings.

Annoying Advertisements

We have personally seen tons of platforms that have annoying or irritating advertisements while running a simple speed test. These 3rd party advertisements are often risky as they might redirect you unintentionally to an untrusted platform that might also risk your privacy due to malware or viruses. In our Etisalat Wi-Fi speed test tool, we provide only Google adds advertisements because we believe that the satisfaction of our users is far more important than a few bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.S)

Why My Internet Speed Is Slow?

Before contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP), make sure that there are no background applications running or there are no ongoing heavy downloads. If you notice any of these, then close all of them and test your speed again. If the issue remains the same, it would be better to work with your ISP provider to sort out the issue.

What Is An Ideal Internet Speed?

Remember, it depends and it varies from person to person because everyone has different requirements. However; for a simple home use internet connection an average internet download speed is 2Mbps.

Why My Internet Speed Is Different every time?

Etisalat speed test is a real-time speed tracker tool that will measure your internet speed accurately. As we have said it’s a real-time speed testing tool so every task might have different download and upload speed value because these variations in speed are from your ISP provider which is quite common and normal. However; if you notice a huge variation between multiple speed tests then call your ISP provider as it might be due to poor connections.


We are quite hopeful that you are fully satisfied with our Etisalat speed test results because it’s our utmost priority to offer high-quality speed testing services that can serve the purpose of our beloved audience. Remember, if you are not an Etisalat user, still you can use our speed testing tool conveniently because it works flawlessly for everyone without any restriction of ISP. Don’t forget to bookmark this webpage for future use and also share this platform with your friends on social media so that they can also accurately track their internet speed.

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